Sexual Performance Anxiety

If you feel anxious before sex, maybe there are symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety (SPA). It is when you cannot enjoy sexual intercourse due to Anxiety. This condition may occur in both females and males. In this document, we will discuss Sexual Performance Anxiety symptoms, causes, treatment, and others.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

When you feel nervous and anxious before or during sexual activity is called SPA. This condition is one of the most prevalent sexual complaints between women and men. It usually affects approximately 6-16% of females and 9-25% of males. Potentially, this condition may inhibit sexual desire in women. However, SPA may also cause Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation in men.

Symptoms of SPA

The symptoms usually are different among men and women. Check below some symptoms in men:

  • Little or lack of desire to perform sex
  • Problems with having an orgasm
  • Early ejaculation during sex
  • Problems with getting and sustaining an erection

In any case, SPA symptoms in women look a little different. For example:

It may be hard to find and diagnose this condition but you may experience SPA without any of the symptoms listed above. In addition, a female may experience vaginal dryness due to changes by childbirth or birth control pills.

Causes of SPA

If you are too nervous to engage in sexual intercourse, your body may not respond and this activity may become unpleasant. However, some factors provoke this problem. Examples include:

  • Relationship problems
  • Poor body image (such as concern over your weight)
  • Fear of performing poorly or if you are unable to satisfy your partner
  • Concern about size or length of the penis also can be a factor
  • If you are concerned about early ejaculation or even taking too long to have an orgasm
  • You may feel anxious because you are not able to have an orgasm or enjoy the experience

The factors listed above can release stress hormones in your body, which usually negatively affects your ability to get satisfying sexual intercourse.

Methods to Overcome Performance Anxiety

It is recommended to consult a doctor because there may be some conditions of medicines that provoke SPA. Thus, treating the condition may help to get rid of this condition. Moreover, physicians may prescribe you Propranolol to treat SPA. This medicine helps to decrease physical symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, Propranolol may cause extremely low blood pressure or low heart rate due to drug interactions. It may interact with medicines such as Antidepressants. Talk with your doctor before using any medicines to avoid unpleasant results.

Additionally, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a treatment that may effectively help you to overcome SPA. It is advised to consult a therapist and talk openly about your sex problems. Moreover, open communication with your partner may improve your concerns about body image. One more way to overcome Performance Anxiety is to try different methods to get intimate with your partner.

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