Carcinoid Syndrome

A group of symptoms called Carcinoid syndrome commonly appear when a person experiences cancer (carcinoid tumors). Certain cells produce chemicals and these tumors begin in those cells. They also begin to release an increased amount of chemicals in the bloodstream. The common symptoms include red and warm skin that occurs suddenly, breathing problems, fast heart […]

What is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?

This is a type of breast cancer in which cancer cells test negative for 3 main things usually found in breast cancer. For instance, Estrogen and Progesterone hormone and protein (known as HER2). Mostly, these receptors fuel breast cancer growth and physicians prescribe treatment such as hormone therapy or other medicines. People with triple-negative breast […]


This bad habit may lead to various health problems including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Tobacco is dangerous for overall health no matter smoked or chewed it is. Acetone, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other unsafe substances contain tobacco products. These harmful substances negatively affect your lungs and other organs in your body. Smoking can […]

Lung Cancer

This type of cancer may occur in both men and women and accounts for millions of new cases every year. It is one of the deadliest types of this condition and the most common cause of mortality. One of the main organs in the body are lungs and they consist of 5 lobes, three in […]


Cancer is a prevalent disease among people. According to the American Cancer Society, about 1.9 million people were diagnosed with this condition in 2022. This is a condition when a group of abnormal cells grows uncontrollably. Cancer usually begins in a region of the body and, if not controlled, can spread to other parts of […]

Breast Cancer in Women

In this article, we will talk about breast cancer symptoms, treatment, and others. Breast Cancer A health condition when cells in the breast grow abnormally and uncontrollably is called breast cancer. Moreover, there are many types of breast cancer, and it depends on the cells in the breast that turn cancerous. This condition may begin […]

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