High Sex Drive

Everyone heard about low sex drive problems in both men and women. However, elevated sexual desire also may be a problem for someone. High sex drive may become a problem as it interacts with daily functioning. In this document, we will talk about the causes of elevated sexual desire.

What is High Sexual Desire?

Libido is also known as sex drive or desire, it is the desire to perform a sexual activity, which comes from the biological urge to reproduce. However, there is no normal level of libido that you can compare to determine whether it is low or high. If you experience high sex desire it interacts with your daily life, which may have an impact on your mental health. Hypersexuality or Compulsive Sexual Behavior is the medical term for high sex drive or libido. This condition usually does not treatment but if you feel daily discomfort, it is recommended to talk with a doctor.

Additionally, if a man loses the ability to get and sustain an erection it may be due to sexual dysfunction (such as Erectile Dysfunction).

Potential causes of High Sex Drive

There are several factors that may provoke high sexual desire or libido. For example physical and mental health, age, and others. Compulsive Sexual Behavior may also occur if you feel frisky all the time in a relationship.

Age and Hormones

An important role in regulating the sexual drive in a person is hormones. Men and women notice an increase in sex hormones (including Testosterone and Estrogen) during puberty. This increase usually triggers a high sex drive. One research suggests that there may be a connection between high levels of testosterone and hypersexuality.

Mental Health

It is well known that stress can cause multiple health problems as well as have a negative impact on the sexual desire of a person. When you are stressed, cortisol a stress hormone is released in your body. Reduced levels of cortisol in females can lead to higher sex drive levels, according to a study. In addition, stress is a common factor that provokes erectile dysfunction (ED) in males.


If you have an enjoyable relationship, you may experience a boost in your sex drive. Moreover, higher levels of intimacy among partners may also improve male sex desire. However, if someone is in a sexually unsatisfied relationship, low libido may occur.

Physical Exercises

People who practice regular exercise are more likely to desire sexual intercourse, according to a 2018 research. In addition, they may also enjoy better orgasms and heightened arousal. Furthermore, regular physical exercises may also improve your sleep, and self-confidence, as well as boost your stamina.

In case, you experience problems functioning normally in daily life due to a high sex drive, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately.

Additionally, some medicines may increase your libido, especially those that affect Central Nervous System. An increased sexual desire may occur as an adverse effect of a medication. Ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

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