Feel Weak after Sexual Activity

Sexual intercourse is an enjoyable activity that helps to improve people’s sexual relationships. However, sex usually is a pleasurable sensation but not everyone feels satisfaction and affection after sexual intercourse. Weakness or tiredness post-sexual activity may occur in some people.

In some circumstances, feeling of weakness after sex is normal but if you experience constant tiredness or weakness post-sexual intercourse you might consult a doctor because it may be a symptom of a health condition.

Weakness after Sex

The factors that cause weakness post-sexual intercourse fluctuate among people. Usually, dehydration, hunger, or low blood pressure are some factors that cause weakness.

Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

One factor that may provoke weakness after sexual activity might be hypotension. During sexual intercourse, the vagus nerve is stimulated. Therefore, overstimulation of this nerve may temporarily decrease your blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. This effect is known as Vasovagal Syncope. Weakness is the common symptom of Vasovagal Syncope.

Generally, it is not a problem for people. But, if you have pre-existing hypotension or cardiovascular disease, you may experience a more pronounced weakness after sexual activity.

Additionally, if you administering hypotension medicines, you should be aware of this interaction. Do not use any ED medicines while on treatment with low blood pressure medications because interaction between them may occur. Therefore, you may experience extremely low blood pressure. Discuss with a healthcare provider for more details.


Weakness post-sex also may occur due to dehydration. During sexual intercourse, you may notice increased sweating, which results in a loss of fluid. Dehydration may also provoke low blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association. Additionally, nutritious drinks may improve your energy during sexual activity. For example, cranberry juice is an option to stay hydrated. It also has many sexual benefits.


If you begin sexual activity on an empty stomach, it also may lead to weakness post-sex. Weakness is caused due to a decrease in blood glucose levels. A nutritious and healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is vital before sexual activity. It helps to remain energized during and after sex.

Managing Weakness after Sexual Intercourse

However, this condition is manageable and there are some ways to diminish this problem. Check below some examples:

  • Have healthy meals full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins before sex. This can help you maintain energy levels during sexual intercourse.
  • It is recommended to increase your water intake before, during, and after sexual activity. Dehydration is one factor that causes weakness post-sex.
  • Talk with your partner about sexual positions or activities that create persistent discomfort and weakness for you. Try to find some alternative ways to enjoy sex, avoiding excessive strain.
  • If any of the tips listed above do not help you, it is advised to see a doctor to diagnose the cause of weakness after sexual activity.

In addition, foods rich in minerals (including zinc and magnesium) also can help to treat weakness post-sexual intercourse. Some people may think that one factor that causes weakness after sexual intercourse is age. However, it is not directly related to age but aging may cause other health conditions (such as hypotension).

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