Foods That Can Decrease Testosterone Levels

There are numerous types of food that may decrease your testosterone levels such as dairy and soy. A way that a person can naturally increase the level of testosterone is to treat obesity as well as do regular physical exercises. A poor diet or large amounts of junk food are influencing our health, not only our body’s looks. Food feeds out the body’s cells and could affect hormone levels like testosterone. Consuming unhealthy foods may unbalance the body’s hormone levels.

Testosterone Levels and Food

For both women and men testosterone is an important hormone, but men’s bodies produce it more than women’s. Testosterone helps to maintain and develop body hair, fertility, bone mass, muscle mass, and strength. In normal circumstances, the body is effectively regulating and keeping testosterone levels in range where they need to be.

However, certain foods could interfere with this process by throwing out the balance of the level of hormones. Those who are concerned about their level of testosterone should avoid eating some of the foods we will talk about below.

Soy Products

There are some foods that contain phytoestrogens like tofu, soy protein isolates, and edamame. Estrogen from our bodies is physically similar to those compounds. Therefore, they have a similar physical function. According to German Medical Science, there is not enough research on soy to understand it completely despite lots of research done on it.

This journal suggests that researchers didn’t find a connection between consuming soy foods and estrogen levels or altered serum testosterone. However, another study stated that the concentration of estrogen and breast sensitivity went back to normal when a man stopped consuming soy foods.

Other scientists noted that soy contains phytoestrogens that could affect the body. But there were no changes in hormones, so it could offer symptoms or signs of high levels of estrogen without hormonal change. Thus, they need more detailed studies on both women and men to offer a better explanation of how soy affects our bodies.

Dairy Products

Everyone who wants to increase their testosterone levels would better stay away from dairy foods. For example, certain cow’s milk contains hormones either natural or synthetic, which can affect the level of testosterone. In addition, cow food can contain soy and that could increase the level of estrogen in cow’s milk.


Everyone who worries about their level of testosterone should limit or avoid their alcohol consumption, especially men.

At the same time, there are certain studies that have found information that a small volume of alcohol may increase the level of testosterone in males. In any case, it’s not a good idea. According to the Current Drug Abuse Review alcohol misuse for a long time causes a drop in testosterone levels in men.

The same journal also stated that drinking alcohol in women causes the level of testosterone to increase.


Using spearmint as well as peppermint you can make calming tea, but mint contains menthol which could decrease the level of testosterone.

In a study on Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, researchers healed female rats with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with essential oil of spearmint to study the effects on the issue. Scientists stated that the essential oil of spearmint has decreased testosterone levels in these rats.

According to BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine studies done on females with PCOS showed a strong relation between mint and decreased testosterone levels. However, there is not enough evidence about the general effects of herbs.

Most of the studies are based on women or animal models. For better results, future research should study mint effects in both women and men.

Pastries, Desserts, and Bread

According to a study in Nutrients, a low testosterone level in Taiwanese men is linked with a diet heavy in pastries, bread, and desserts. In addition, regular overconsumption of dairy products and not eating enough dark green vegetables are likely to lead a male to have increased body fat and reduced muscle mass.

Licorice Root

According to a study published by Integrative Medicine Research, it states that in healthy females during the menstrual period, their level of testosterone could be decreased by licorice root. Generally, for a better understanding of how this herb is affecting testosterone in both men and women, more research should be conducted.

Some Specific Fats

We’re eating many types of fats, but certain fats may have an impact on the level and functions of testosterone. Asian Journal of Andrology performed a study checking the alimentation of young and healthy men when talking about their testicular function and hormone levels.

This study also showed that consuming Trans fats can decrease the level of testosterone in the body. In addition, misuse of omega-6 fatty acids tends to decrease the function and size of the testicles. However, eating a lot of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids could increase the size of testicles and improve their function. More research should be conducted to confirm that certain fats may lower testosterone levels. In any case, is still recommended to avoid Trans fats and reduce intake of omega-6 fats to maintain proper levels of testosterone.

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