Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the main hormone in males that influences various processes such as:

The levels of testosterone drop as men become older, but it may decrease due to various factors such as chronic illnesses. Low testosterone often called simply low T medically known as Hypogonadism, may lead to health issues, and commonly doctors prescribe you medications to treat these problems.

To maintain a normal level of testosterone is important to have balanced hormones, this implies eating healthy food as well as having a nutrient-full diet. You need to carefully watch out for those foods that contain hormones and nutrients, like phytoestrogens, because they may result in increased T levels. Research proves that some nutrients may influence total hormone balance. Check below some foods that may help you to boost testosterone levels naturally:


This fish is rich in vitamin D – a vitamin that has been associated with a longer life, and possessing T-boosting properties. In addition, this vitamin is healthy for the heart and rich in protein while being low in calories. No matter what you prefer in fresh or canned form, consuming this fish may be a natural way of increasing T.

A single serving of this fish fulfills your daily vitamin D intake. If you don’t like this kind of fish, there are other types of fish that may help you take your required vitamin D daily supply like salmon and sardines.

Seafood is known to contain mercury, to reduce too high intake of it, you should consume fish in moderation – eat a maximum of two or three fish a week.

Low-fat Milk with Vitamin D

Most people know milk as a source of protein and calcium, it helps children, women, and men to maintain greater bone health. Vitamin D may also maintain the testosterone levels under control. Make sure you choose milk that’s rich in Vitamin D. We recommend going for low-fat milk or skim milk. These milk types have the same nutrients as milk without saturated fats.

Egg Yolk

Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin D too. Is widely known that cholesterol has a negative reputation. Additionally, you can choose egg yolks only as they have more nutrients than egg whites. Egg yolk cholesterol may be helpful for people suffering from low testosterone. You can safely eat one egg a day if you don’t have some issues with cholesterol.

Fortified Cereals

Cereals and eggs are usually breakfast foods that can help with low levels of testosterone. So, if you’re suffering from cholesterol-related issues, you may eat fortified cereals instead of eggs to boost testosterone. There are some cereal brands rich in vitamin D, and have nutrients helpful for the health of the heart. If you are adding fortified cereals to your daily breakfast regimen, you are likely to increase your energy levels as well as boost your testosterone levels.


Oysters are rich sources of zinc. Zinc is an important mineral in the puberty period. Moreover, this mineral can keep male hormones in balance during maturity as well. Men with low levels of testosterone can benefit from boosting their intake level of this important mineral.


If you like seafood such as crab or lobster they also can increase your level of testosterone. National Institutes of Health suggests that a single Alaskan king crab contains 43% of your necessary daily zinc.


You should be worried about the misuse of red meat because it may cause health problems. There are certain types of beef meat that have more fat than poultry, and overconsumption may lead to some types of cancer such as colon cancer according to some studies.

However, some types of beef meat contain important nutrients, and these nutrients can increase the level of testosterone. Another rich source of vitamin D is beef liver. But ground beef as well as chuck roast contains zinc – the important mineral for boosting testosterone. To avoid problems with high levels of animal fat, you need to choose thin cuts of beef and you shouldn’t eat beef meat on a daily basis.


In regards to male hormone health, this type of legume can give more advantages than you could imagine. Other rich sources of zinc are lentils, chickpeas, and baked beans. These beans can help you to protect heart health because they are full of fibers and plant-based proteins.

Medical Treatment

People carefully following a healthy diet may greatly benefit when dealing with low levels of testosterone. However, it is important to remember that they are no actual treatment for hypogonadism. In case, you want to know more about your level of testosterone, you should talk to a doctor for a physical exam and blood test.

One method to treat low testosterone levels is Testosterone Hormone Replacements (THR). Moreover, THR comes in different forms and dosages. For example:

Before administrating these medications you need to consult a doctor because they could have some negative effects. A healthy diet is good for everyone no matter whether there is a health condition or not.

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