Testosterone and Steroids

Energy boost, the shinning hair, improved fertility, libido, and others result from testosterone. Both males and females produced this hormone but females in a smaller amount. It also helps to maintain physical development, sexual characteristics, and muscle mass and strength. In addition, testosterone also is responsible for metabolic and mood regulation. The synthetic replacement of testosterone, also known as a steroid, usually, possesses similar qualities to testosterone. In most cases, athletes use steroids to improve their ability to increase muscle strength and mass.

Differences between Testosterone and Steroids

There are many differences between steroids and testosterone. Check below some examples:

  • Our body produced naturally this hormone (testosterone) but steroids are the synthetic form of the same hormone.
  • Testosterone is very important for males because it has various benefits including sperm production, increased libido, bone strength, and others. However, steroids also have benefits but mostly are used to increase muscle mass.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a testosterone that is used under medical supervision in the treatment of decreased levels of this hormone. However, steroids mostly are not used under a physician’s supervision, which may lead to unpleasant results and health risks.

Furthermore, it is not advised to use any testosterone supplements or steroids without a doctor’s approval because you may experience severe side effects.

Benefits and Risks

You may notice multiple benefits of using testosterone supplements or steroids. In any case, many risks are also associated with steroids and this hormone, especially if are used without a physician’s recommendation. Check below some benefits:

  • Testosterone therapies help to improve bone density, sex drive in men, muscle mass and strength, and others.
  • It also may be used to treat low libido in males.
  • This hormone is vital for sex performance and drive.
  • Steroids help to decrease inflammation (swelling) and increase muscle mass. It also may help to treat several medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, eczema, arthritis, and others. Talk with a healthcare professional for more details.

To get a better effect from Testosterone therapies or steroids, you should use them exactly as prescribed by a healthcare provider.

If you are using both at the same time (steroids and testosterone), it may lead to severe adverse reactions. For example hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular risk, infertility, male breast cancer, prostate cancer, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Steroids also may provoke liver, heart, or kidney problems, stroke, blood clots, cancer, and others. If you are misusing steroids you may experience acne, hair loss in males, scars, depression, deepened voice in females, and others. In case you experience any of the health conditions or side effects listed above, stop using both testosterone and steroids and contact a healthcare professional immediately. In addition, do not self-medicate with testosterone boosters or steroids because it also may elevate your risk of severe adverse effects.

Generally, steroids are safe if are used for short term and in short dosages. However, if you consume more than is allowed for the long term, it may cause insomnia, mood changes, pimples, hair loss, and others. Discuss with your healthcare professional before using testosterone or steroids.

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