Slimonil 500 mg
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Slimonil 500 mg


Slimonil 500 mg helps to lose weight in males by burning fat. It is not recommended to use this product without a doctor’s recommendation because it may lead to unpleasant results.

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This product helps to lose weight in males by burning fat. The unique combination of herbs helps to get rid of excessive body weight. Medohar Guggulu, Vidang, Vijayasar, Punarnava, Rudrajata, and Pippalimul are the key ingredients of this medicine. This medicine should be used with a doctor’s recommendation only. Otherwise, it may lead to unpleasant results such as side effects. Moreover, physicians may prescribe this drug to decrease male obesity.

The manufacturer of Slimonil 500 mg is Ayurleaf Inc.


Take the capsule whole by mouth with a glass of water and avoid other beverages such as alcohol because it may lead to severe side effects. Do not split, chew, or break the capsule while swallowing. Otherwise, you may experience a bitter taste in your mouth. Your physician may increase the dosage or even change the medicine if you do not notice the desired result. To get the most benefit from Slimonil 500 mg, you should use it regularly at the same time each day.

This product should be used alongside exercise and a well-balanced diet. However, if you are using this medicine alone, it may be not so effective. If you see no improvements in your weight after one week of treatment, discuss it with your healthcare provider.


Slimonil 500 mg should be used with caution in the following cases. Examples include:

  • Stomach problems
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • People under 14 years old should not use this medicine
  • It is not allowed to share this product with others, especially with children

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