Shigru 250 mg
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Shigru 250 mg


Shigru 250 mg is used to gently care for the joints. Shigru is the key ingredient of this product. Do not use it without a doctor’s recommendation.

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A tablet that is used to gently care for the joints. It prevents wear and tear of the structural element of joint cartilage, providing normal lubrication and shock absorption by inhibiting Glycosaminoglycan degradation. The key ingredient of this supplement is Shigru. It is not advised to use this product without the doctor’s approval because it may lead to unpleasant results.

The manufacturer of Shigru 250 mg is Himalaya Wellness Company.


Commonly, 1-2 tablets daily are considered the recommended dose or as directed by your healthcare provider. Use a glass of water to take the pill and avoid other drinks such as alcohol because it may increase your risk of side effects. It is not recommended to break, crush, or chew the pill while swallowing, because you may experience a bitter taste in your mouth. Administer this supplement regularly at a fixed time every day, to get a better effect.

In addition, it is not allowed to use this product more often than is allowed by your healthcare provider because it will not treat your condition faster. If you see no improvements in your problem within two weeks of treatment, immediately contact a healthcare professional.

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  • Keep the bottle closed tightly at all times.
  • Store this supplement in dry and cool places away from direct sunlight. Do not let this product reach children or pets because it may be harmful to them.
  • Herbal supplements may change color over time but efficacy remains the same.

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Himalaya Wellness Company


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