Provironum 25 mg
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Provironum 25 mg


Provironum 25 mg is used in the treatment of hypogonadism. The active ingredient of this medicine is Mesterolone. Physicians may prescribe this medication for other purposes not listed in this article.

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This is a medication used to replace testosterone in males with hypogonadism. This medical condition when a male’s body does not produce enough amount of testosterone is called Hypogonadism. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the men’s body and it is responsible for normal sexual development in males. This hormone is responsible for the development of the sexual organs and other characteristics in males. For example, sexual drive, mass and body fat distribution, hair growth, deep voice, and others. This medication is intended for use in males only. Doctors may prescribe this medication to treat other medical conditions not listed in this article.

While the active ingredient is Mesterolone, Provironum 25 mg contains other inactive ingredients such as magnesium stearate, lactose, maize starch, povidone, and others. Mesterolone belongs to the class of medicines called Androgen and anabolic steroids (AAS).

The manufacturer of Provironum 25 mg is Bayer Schering.


Usually, the recommended dose per day (24 hours) is one or two tablets three times per day or as directed by your doctor. To swallow the tablet use a glass of water only and avoid other beverages such as alcohol. It may reduce the effectiveness of the drug as well as increase the risk of side effects. In addition, after several months of treatment, your physician may reduce the dosage to one tablet three times per day. To get a better effect, you should follow carefully the doctor’s recommendations and administer the pill each day and at the same time. Discuss with your healthcare professional if your medical condition does not improve or it worsens.


The dosages fluctuate among patients. It depends on the severity of the medical condition you are suffering and your response to treatment. If you are not sure what dosage is better for you, ask your physician.

  • Provironum 25 mg

Missed Dose

If you are on treatment with Provironum 25 mg and you forget to administer a dose, you should take it as soon as possible. However, if it is near time for the next dose, just skip the missed dose. Do not double the dosage and administer it at the same time to catch up because you may experience undesired results such as severe side effects.


Rarely, if you increase the dosages without the doctor’s approval, you may experience an overdose. Stop using Provironum 25 mg and consult a doctor right away if you notice any of the following symptoms. For example, passing out, severe dizziness, trouble breathing, fainting, and others. Ask your doctor if you have any other questions.

Adverse Effects of Provironum 25 mg

Provironum 25 mg like other drugs may give you certain side effects. One factor that can cause adverse effects is an allergy to the ingredients of the drug. If you are following a treatment with Provironum 25 mg, you may not experience any of the following side effects.

Common Adverse Effects

Usually, this category is not dangerous for the patients. It means that they can continue the treatment safely. However, you should inform your healthcare professional about all the side effects that you are noticing. Your doctor may be able to help you to prevent or avoid side effects. Check some examples below:

  • Excessive hairiness
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Fluid retention
  • Increased sexual drive
  • Breast enlargement
  • Premature puberty
  • Stunted growth
  • Mood changes (such as anxiety, depression, aggression, and others)

Uncommon Adverse Effects

In rare cases, you may experience this category of side effects. Tell your doctor right away if you notice any of the following side effects. For example:

  • Severe stomach tenderness or pain
  • Prolonged or painful erections
  • Enlarged prostate (such as bloody urine, changes in urination)

If you are older than 65 years old, Provironum 25 mg may increase the risk of prostatic cancer and prostatic hyperplasia.

This document does not contain all possible adverse effects. If you notice any of the side effects listed above or any other effects tell your doctor.


Tell your doctor if you are allergic to the ingredients of Provironum 25 mg or if you have any other allergies. Inform your healthcare professional about your medical history. For example:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Migraines
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Porphyria (rare metabolizing disorder)
  • Epilepsy
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Prostate disease
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • Male breast cancer
  • High levels of calcium in the blood

Before using Provironum 25 mg, talk with your physician because you may experience unwanted results.


Certain medications may change how Provironum 25 mg works. It means that other medicines may reduce the effectiveness or even increase the risk of side effects. Inform your doctor about all products that you are using. For example prescription and non-prescription medications, supplements, vitamins, herbal products, and others. Discuss with your healthcare professional if you have any other questions. Check below some examples of drug interactions:

  • Drugs used to treat seizures (such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, and others)
  • Medications used for diabetes
  • Medications used to suppress the immune system (such as cyclosporine)
  • Drugs used to replace low thyroid levels (such as thyroxine)
  • Medicines used to treat or prevent blood clots (such as warfarin)
  • Anesthetic drugs (such as neuromuscular blockers)

This article does not contain all possible drug interactions. Talk with your physician before taking Provironum 25 mg.


  • It is recommended to store the tablets away from the direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pets because it may be harmful to them.
  • Do not share Provironum 25 mg with others.

Where to Buy Provironum 25 mg?

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  • Information in this document may be different from the doctor’s prescription. To treat your medical conditions fast and safely, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations only.
  • Do not use Provironum 25 mg after the expiry date because you may get undesired results.
  • Do not stop using this medicine suddenly because your condition may worsen. Talk with your physician for more information.

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